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Citizenship Test Changes

Applicants for U.S. citizenship through naturalization, in addition to meeting certain requirements, must also pass tests including being able to read, write, and speak basic English and a U.S. civics test. There are certain exemptions and accommodations to these tests. Currently, for the standard civics test, there is a published list of 100 U.S. history and government questions, and, during the U.S. naturalization interview, USCIS asks the applicant 10 questions and the applicant must answer 6 correctly.

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While the Trump Administration did not specify what it will change about the civics test, it did state that the new test would come out this fall to be administered before the end of Trump's term in office (December 2020/early 2021). Former USCIS Director, L. Francis Cissna previously issued a memo in May 2019 informing of the update to the civics test and formally announcing that the test would be revised every ten years. According to the Memo, the purpose of these scheduled revisions is to "ensure that USCIS will continue to responsibly exercise the discretion Congress afforded it by administering the civics test in accordance with best practices." The Memo goes on to inform that USCIS may also revise the English test. The agency is using and announces its intent to continue to use the expertise of adult educators for future test revisions.

If you are considering applying for U.S. naturalization, you may wish to consult with an immigration attorney prior to filing your case to ensure that you are fully informed about the application. Attorney Rebecca Carcagno handles applications for U.S. naturalization and offers a free initial consultation (734) 999-0360.

***Please keep in mind that this blog posting is for educational purposes only (i.e., to give you general information and a general understanding of this immigration related matter); this blog posting does not provide specific legal advice and does not form an attorney-client relationship.***





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