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711 Children Yet to be Reunited with Their Parents

The U.S. government claims to have fully complied with Judge Sabraw's earlier order that it reunite the approximately 3000 migrant children who were separated from their parents during the government's 0 tolerance policy, however, as of Friday, July 27, 2018, the U.S. government has yet to reunite 711 of those children with their parents; this apparent discrepancy is due to the fact the U.S. government feels that there are various reasons why these remaining children are ineligible to be reunited with their parents; such reasons include the fact that the U.S. government has already deported some of the parents (believed to be approximately 400), the parents have a criminal history, or the U.S. government is unable to locate some of the parents who were released from custody into the U.S. (believed to be approximately 35); WORST of all, the U.S. government claims that some of the parents are ineligible to be reunited with their parents because their parents signed a document waiving their rights to their children, possibly, due to coercion or due to not understanding the significance of what they were signing.

In the meantime, those families separated during the Trump Administration's 0 tolerance policy are temporarily protected from being deported.

Judge Sabraw also has made a point that the government needs to make a plan to ensure that this situation does not happen again.





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